Korolivska (Royal) Mustard, strong

Product description

Strong and fiery, it will make you hold your breath

Fragrant with a fiery spicyness, our Korolivsky Smak™ Korolivska (Royal) Strong Mustard is made for true cossacks: its strength gives warmth and will surely shake one up. This relish is made of finely ground whole seeds of Ukraine-grown mustard following a special recipe that allows to preserve the entire flavor range of this unique natural product, mustard. Korolivska (Royal) Mustard is traditionally good with lard or bacon, meat-jelly, roasted sausages and goes just as well with plain rye bread.

Korolivska (Royal) Strong Mustard: add the warm, fiery taste to your meals!

Nutritional Facts

Serving size: 14 g

Per 100 g Per serving Daily calorie %*
Energy, kJ: 712 100 1.2 %
Energy, kcal: 170 24 1.2 %
Total Fats: 7.400 1.0 1.3 %
Saturated fats: 0.857 0.12 0.6 %
Trans fats: 0.000 0.00
Polyunsatured fats (PUFA): 1.569 0.22
Monounsatured fats (MUFA): 4.381 0.61
Proteins: 6.000 0.84 1.7 %
Carbohydrates: 19.800 2.77 1.0 %
Cholesterol: 0.000 0.00 0.0 %

* Based upon a standard 2K calorie diet

Storage conditions

Shelf life: 120 days

If stored between 0°C and +20°C

Regulatory ref.: DSTU 1052:2005

This is a GMO-free product HACCP and ISO certified producer FSSC 22000 certified producer This is a Halal product
Doy-pack (nozzled), 130 g

Doy-pack (nozzled), 130 g

  • Doy-pack (nozzled), 130 g

Logistical Information

Package type Units per case Case GW, kg Cases per pallet Pallet GW, kg
Doy-pack (nozzled), 130 g 36 5.184 50 274.20

All logistical information given above is provided for reference purposes only and may slightly vary.

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