• This is a GMO-free product

Limonnaya kislota (Citric acid)

Citric acid is almost as necessary in cooking and food production as salt, vinegar, pepper.

The magnificent taste properties of the King Smak citric acid make it an ideal component in the preparation of a variety of sauces, sweet dishes and many confectionery products.


Limonnaya kislota (Citric acid)

To prevent citric acid from losing its properties, it is recommended to store it in a tightly closed container after opening the package.

Limonnaya kislota (Citric acid)

Size for every taste!

20 g

  • Тара
  • Shelf life:
    24 months
  • Store at temperature
    from + 2 ° C to + 25 ° C
  • Manufactured according to
    DSTU 908:2006