Royal quality, made afforadable!


Refined, deodorized rapeseed oil


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Якість королівська, а ціна — народна!


Якість королівська, а ціна — народна!


The royal quality, and folk price!

Soft, gentle spice!

Mustard "Tender"


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Якість королівська, а ціна — народна!


Elite roasted sunflower seeds


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Quality and affordability are our most important achievement.

The quality is royal, and the price is popular!

The main goal of the enterprise is to saturate the consumer market of Ukraine and neighboring countries with high-quality products, create new jobs.

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"King Smak" in numbers

  • 1992
    Private enterprise «Віктор і К» was established in December 1992.
  • 1998
    The construction of a workshop for processing sunflower seeds with a capacity of 30 tons per shift began.
  • 2001
    А plant for processing sunflower seeds has been commissioned by the State Technical Commission.
  • 2002
    Registered trademark «Королівський смак», under which the products of the company «Віктор і К».
  • 2002
    A line of bottling of sunflower oil into polyethylene terephthalate bottles was put into operation.
  • 2002
    Mayonnaise production shop put into operation.
  • 2004
    А bottling line for deodorized refined oil has been established.
  • 2008
    Production of vinegar and mustard has started.
  • 2009
    The construction of a sunflower seed processing plant has ended.
  • 2017
    The production of refined soybean oil has begun.
  • 2020
    PE «Віктор і К» works with 80 countries of the world near and far abroad.

We are proud

making your meals even more delicious and family nights warm and welcoming

  • Delicious recipe

    which beckons to try our goodies again and again 

  • Fair price

    which makes our products accessible to each of you

  • Quality products

    made from the best natural ingredients

  • Great assortment

    you will definitely find products that will satisfy your refined taste

  • Latest equipment

    which allows us to prepare quality and delicious things for any recipe

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